Curtains perform two essential functions in New Zealand homes - they add a special decorative element to the style and tone of a room, and also filter out light and noise. The art of hanging curtains is centuries old, but what has changed over this time is the array of various types, designs, lengths and functions. As such, it doesn't matter whether you are looking for curtains to showcase your flair for design or just the practicality of blocking sunlight or retaining heat, there will be an appropriate curtain for your home.

Harvey Furnishings has been in the business of manufacturing and selling curtains for almost 60 years so we've certainly seen a few trends come and go! It's this dedication that makes us one of New Zealand's favourite curtain providers, helping Kiwis find the right design, function, size, colour and heading.


Here is an overview of the various curtain types available at Harvey Furnishings:   

LinedThese curtains come with a lining that is sewn into the back. Still air is created between the two fabric layers which offers insulating properties and enhances the look - giving curtains a nicer drape at the window. The lining can also extend the life of the curtains by offering protection from sunlight, allowing even delicate fabrics to enjoy a longer life.

UnlinedMade from a single layer of fabric, unlined curtains are designed to be layered against other window furnishings for decorative purposes or on their own to achieve a light breezy look. Unlined curtains are a great, low maintenance option as they can be easily washed at home.

ThermalFeaturing an acrylic coating that is heat-sealed to the back of the fabric; thermal curtains are great for controlling temperature within a room, particularly during the colder months. Their insulating properties also mean less heat is lost through the windows.

BlockoutSimilar to thermal curtains, ready-made blackout curtains are designed to reduce heat loss. However, with a double or triple layer of acrylic coating applied to the back of the fabric, it also prevents light leakage. Blockout, also known as blackout curtains have noise dampening qualities due to the density of the fabric, making them perfect for young children or shift workers who sleep during daylight hours or for creating the ultimate in-home cinema room.

Triple WovenThis type of curtain offers a triple-weave fabric - three layers of interwoven material. As well as creating a soft fabric finish, the extra layers provide great room-darkening and insulating properties. They also have very good natural fire retardant properties.

Net, Voile/sheerthese are translucent fabrics that are used for filtering light, layering against other window furnishings or using under another curtain. This curtain type is a great way to control sunlight and enhance privacy. Depending on the design, you can add a touch of romance, elegance or colour to a room.


Custom Made Curtains

Harvey Furnishings have all of the above linings and fabrics available for customer selection. Bring in your measurements to one of our stores or request a free in-home consultation and we will come to your home and show you a huge range of fabrics, tracks and installation options to suit your home environment and needs. These curtains can be manufactured to fit your exact space - specialised to suit the existing style and tone of the room. With custom made curtains, you can choose from a wider number of headings including French, Dutch, New York and inverted, as well as the popular pencil pleat and eyelet options.


Why Harvey Furnishings?

We take pride in helping you source the highest quality curtains that match the latest trends, personal styles and budgets. The Harvey Furnishings team is committed to sourcing both local and international fabrics and patterns, including the exclusive fabric brands Tru Living, Montgomery and Q Designs and popular brands such as Warwick, Charles Parsons and Maurice Kaine – allowing you to style your rooms in the best possible way.

With 10 stores across the North Island, you are always welcome to come and meet us to discuss your curtain preferences or if you live outside our service area, you can email us with your plans, measurements and specifications.

For more information about either ready made or custom made curtains, get in touch with our friendly team today.