Shutters add a touch of elegance to any home. Whether an older, classic villa or a more modern abode, there is a shutter style that suits your interior design. At Harvey Furnishings, we offer three main types of shutters:

  • Hinged Shutters - These are typically the most popular choice of all shutter styles. They're chosen to cover windows, but are sometimes used for open doorways. Hinged shutters can be fitted directly to a frame, or supplied in a pre-made frame of set measurements.

  • Bi-fold Shutters - These kinds of shutters are generally chosen to cover doorways or used as a room divider. They're typically made up of an even number of panels, usually two or more, that fold up in a concertina arrangement for clear, unobstructed views. The shutters will run on a track system, both top of doorway and bottom, so you'll need to ensure that your doorway has enough width to install a track.

  • Sliding Panel Shutters- These types of shutters are generally used in doorways. They run on a double tracking system, so often aren't well-suited for a window opening as they'll have to accommodate a gap for the shutters to pass by each other. However, when open, sliding shutters are less intrusive in a room, and take up less space.

These are the three main types of shutters. However, we do also supply a range of specialty shutters for those that seek something different.

  • ShapedShutters - We offer a custom service where we can find a shutter solution to fit most oddly shaped windows. This includes angled windows (such as in lofts), round, half-round, left and right quarter, hexagon, octagon, oval and triangle shutters. They are more difficult to make so do cost more, but you'll end up with a shutter designed to fit your window perfectly.

  • Fixed Shutters - This is a type of shutter that isn't hinged. It's attached to a window in one of two ways - magnets or clicked on with ball bearing catches. The shutter cannot be opened, but the louvres (the horizontal slats of your shutters) can be adjusted as per usual. It's a useful addition, such as when the shutter has to go in front of furniture, to not cause any damage by opening.

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Bespoke shutters for your home

Shutters are the ultimate piece of window furniture, combining classic styling with outstanding durability and functionality for the discerning homeowner. A window shutter of the exceptional quality offered by Harvey Furnishings will most certainly add value to your home and comes with a three year warranty.

Whether you're renovating or building a new home, it's best to get shutters built for your doors and window openings rather than the other way around. This is because almost all shutters are custom-made and designed to fit any size of your choosing.

One of our consultants will come to your home with a laser measuring device, accurate down to the last millimetre. They'll cover a few crucial details with you.

Quite possibly the biggest benefit with shutters is that they offer durability with a wide range of customisable options. A consultant will help you choose which style of shutter is best suited to your opening. Next, you'll discuss the aesthetics of your shutters to match your home's interior design.

The beauty of choosing shutters over other types of window coverings is that they are durable, easy to maintain and the price is usually worked out per square metre. Most colours, metal hinge options, louvre sizes and style of tilt rod are all priced the same, only differing depending on the number of square metres involved.

We only offer sustainable timber shutters at Harvey Furnishings. This is a lightweight wood that offers great resilience against warping in both moist or hot conditions. Cheaper options such as MDF or other composite materials may warp and sag over time, and if they get bloated from moisture, will be extremely hard to repair.

For more information on bespoke shutters for your home, get in touch with the team at Harvey Furnishings today.

Three steps to the perfect shutters

Precise measurements for Shutters

Get the right size

Shutters need to be made to millimeter perfection, including allowing for windows that are not perfectly square. To ensure this is done to the necessary accuracy, shutters are available exclusively through our in home consultation service. A specialist consultant will come to your home and take laser measurements of your windows. Book a free in-home consultation now


Choose your options

Your consultant will take you through all the various options, showing samples, to help you select the perfect bespoke window furnishings for your home. You will be able to choose:

  • The style of shutters you want, whether it be a wide louvred Plantation Shutter style, a narrower traditional look, a split opening cafe style or something entirely different
  • Whether the shutter will be mounted inside or outside the window frame
  • The type and colour of hinges and catches you want
  • The framing style you would like
  • Where you want any divider rails
  • The type of tilt mechanism you want used
  • The type of material you want your shutters made from. You will have the option of a range of quality natural timbers or a selection of synthetic materials
  • The finish you want on your blinds. Painted finishes are available on all timber and synthetic shutters in a wide range of colours. Stained finishes are available on timber shutters only.

Arrange installation

Delivery and expert installation of your shutters will be arranged for 8-10 weeks after your order has been confirmed. Our installers will ensure a beautiful finished look for your shutters.

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Our shutter specialist can come to your home for a FREE consultation