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CoverQuick Custom Headboards NZ

CoverQuick Headboards are the latest in on trend, bespoke bedroom design. Exclusive to Harvey Furnishings, all you need is a CoverQuick Headboard, mounting kit and fabric to create your own professional looking upholstered headboard in minutes! Update your look often as you like - no specialist tools or expertise necessary.

4 steps to your own perfectly upholstered headboard


Select your size

Choose from seven different sizes depending on the size of your bed, or choose a size or 2 bigger if you want to create more of an impact!


Select your fabric

We have a wide selection of beautiful fabrics to choose from. When selecting patterned fabric for a double headboard or larger, note the direction of the pattern. Choose a wide width or continuous fabric or a design that looks good when oriented sideways.


Stretch and clip the fabric

Lay the fabric flat, face down, tension the fabric around the headboard and secure into place with the clips provided.


Mount the headboard

Once you've chosen your headboard and the right fabric, you'll need to mount the headboard onto the bed and wall using either a wall mounting kit or a bed mounting kit.

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6 Item(s)

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