We hear all about insulation when it comes to New Zealand's cold winter months, but did you know it's just as important during the summer?

While the sunny days of summer bring a smile to everyone's face, they can also cause serious discomfort due to the sweltering heat. Shutters help ensure the hot air stays outside, so you retain the cooler air and avoid sweating up a storm. Let's take a look at some of the key benefits of these home staples.

1. Save on your energy bill

Just because the weather is harsh outside doesn't mean your electricity bill has to be too. Shutters provide you with a thicker option than curtains that will help keep your house cool and breezy. The shutter slats create a literal barrier from the heat outside. This, in turn, increases the energy efficiency of your home, assisting in lowering those pesky AC bills.

2. Let in the breeze

Who doesn't love the feeling of the cool breeze on a hot summer's day? With movable slats, shutters let you control the airflow in your home without much hassle. Keeping this fresh air circulating means you don't have to pump up the air con to keep your home cool.

3. Block out the sunlight

Keeping your home out of the glare of the sun is not only another way to keep your home cool, it helps prevent harmful UV rays from fading any furniture. With shutters, you can either completely block out the sun or slightly open the slats to allow some light to filter through to the interior of your house.

4. Add a little style flair

Shutters are also just fun from an aesthetic point of view. Available in both PVC and wood, you can reap all the benefits of keeping your home cool while adding in a cool design element.

5. Enjoy your privacy

Shutters offer you a lot of control when it comes to privacy. Some people want to keep their living room out of sight while still enjoying a cool breeze. Shutters offer you the flexibility to do just that.

What kind of shutter is right for you?

There are a large selection of shutters to choose from - some attach to windows, others fit to doors and all of them can be customised. At Harvey Furnishings, our team of professional consultants can help ensure you pick the right kind of shutter for your home. Some of the options include:

  • Shaped shutters: These can be adapted to fit windows of most shapes, including: angled, round, half-round, left and right quarter, hexagon, octagon, oval and triangle.
  • Fixed shutters: This type of shutter attaches to windows using magnets. They also have adjustable louvres (horizontal slats).
  • Sliding panel shutters: Primarily used in doorways, sliding panel shutters run on a double tracking system.
  • Hinged shutters: You can fit these shutters directly to a frame or have them built to a set of measurements to create a pre-made frame.
  • Bi-fold shutters: These tend to cover doorways or can be used as room dividers.

Make sure you're ready to protect your home against the summer heat. Reach out to the team at Harvey Furnishings today to learn more about our shutter installation options!

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