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Lining Choices

Lining Choices

Enhance the effectiveness of your custom made curtains by using curtain linings.

If you’ve never purchased custom made curtains before, you may feel like adding a lining is just another additional cost. However, adding a lining to your curtains has a number of benefits that can actually save you money in the long run. 

Curtain lining can help with improving insulation, blocking out light and reducing outside noise, as well as helping the curtains to drape beautifully while adding body. 

We have a wide range of high quality linings available to ensure you find the right solution for you and your budget.

Thermal Lining

Improve the insulating qualities of your curtains by adding a thermal lining to your curtains. Designed to keep cold air out in the winter as well as to keep rooms cooler in the summer, thermal linings can also be effective in reducing outside noise and unwanted light. However, it is important to note that unlike blockout linings, a certain amount of light will still enter the room with this lining. 



Blockout or Blackout Lining

Blockout lining offers the same benefits of thermal lining but also eliminates light penetration. Blockout, also known as blackout lining has a 3-pass coating and silicon back to completely block all natural light from entering your room and protect your curtain fabric from harmful UV rays. Blockout linings provide an ideal solution for darkening a bedroom or media room, as well as offering excellent noise reduction and thermal properties.



Triple-Woven Lining

Triple-woven or dim-out linings are similar to blockout linings as they block out almost all light but do not have the same thermal properties. Unlike thermal and blockout linings that are coated, triple-woven linings are made up of three interwoven layers, which helps to improve insulation, reduce noise and darken rooms.


Cotton/Polyester Lining

These linings are ideal for lightweight, low maintenance curtains and helps to assist with creating body and a beautiful drape, while helping to protect the curtain fabric and provide some insulation.


Bumph European Interlining 

European Bumph is a soft, fluffy fabric in an off white colour and is composed of 100% polyester. Interlining is a layer of fabric that is sewn between the main fabric and the lining fabric of curtains, resulting in plush, beautiful drapes that also provides thermal properties, noise reduction and extra protection from harmful UV rays.


Coloured Blockout Lining (Moroso Ultimate)

Coloured linings are perfect for use on a double track behind sheer fabrics for added depth. Available in a range of versatile colours, Moroso Ultimate linings also have a 3-pass coating for additional thermal and light blocking properties. 


Sunteen Lining

Sunteen is a good quality polyester/cotton lining that is anti-static and mildew resistant, providing great sun protection for your fabric. Sunteen is also used to add fullness and improve the drape of the curtain.

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