What are the conditions for your buy one get one free timber shutters offer?

Buy One Get One Free On Harvey's Timber Shutters

• This offer is for orders of shutters in multiples of two. Where a single shutter panel, or odd numbers of shutters panels, are ordered - the offer cannot be taken as a ‘pro-rata’ discount on the last shutter.

• Where your order is for pair(s) of equal-sized shutter panels within a single window – one of each pair will be free.

• Where your order is for multiples of two shutters but not matching pairs, such as two single panels in two separate windows, the smaller panel will be free.

• Where two same-size panels are ordered for separate windows, one will be free.

• Where your order is for a larger but even number of shutters for single-panel windows, we will rank the sizes by square-metres and you will get every second shutter on the ranking list free.

• Purchase must include installation of all panels ordered by Harvey Furnishings Limited at our standard rates.

• Offer excludes shaped, custom-coloured, complex shutters and accessories.

• Shutters for windows smaller than 1 square metre will be quoted at 1 square metre.

• Lead times and other standard timber shutters conditions apply.

• Offer ends Thursday 21st February 2019.

Download the PDF attachment below to see examples of different shutter combinations:

Attachment: 07378HarveysBuyOneGetOneFreeShuttersA4Flyer.pdf