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How can sunscreen roller blinds fit into my kitchen?

How can sunscreen roller blinds fit into my kitchen?

Whether you are designing your new kitchen as part of a build or just playing with a fresh look, it's always exciting to focus on this part of the house. As kitchens are the focal point of a home, getting the design right is crucial - especially if you don't want people coming over confused about where your knives and forks are!

Of course, if you are too busy with new dishwashers, fridges and pantries, it can be easy to forget what will cover the windows. However, because in many architectural designs the kitchen is positioned to receive either morning or evening sun, this fact can't be overlooked. While this helps with the aesthetic feel, the sun can damage new benches, sinks and artwork - highlighting the value of installing sunscreen roller blinds.

So, if you are considering kitchen design, how will sunscreen roller blinds complement the final look?

Are you planning to redesign your kitchen?Are you planning to redesign your kitchen?

Multiple colour and size options

At Harvey Furnishings, we are able to supply sunscreen roller blinds in a variety of colours and sizes, including ready made and custom made options. As such, it doesn't matter whether your kitchen is white, black or something in-between, your blinds can add value to your desired style and feel.

Additionally, blinds can be fitted to windows of all sizes so don't worry about those casement windows, we will ensure your blinds perfectly fit!

Privacy and safety

If you live on a subdivision or have close neighbours, blinds can add to your privacy.

One of the main purposes of sunscreen roller blinds is to filter light from the sun. As a result of New Zealand's unique ozone layer situation, the sun can be strong throughout the year - potentially causing damage to benches and other kitchen accessories. The blinds are manufactured to absorb the sun's rays so you can be safe in the knowledge that your kitchen is well protected without completely blocking the view out to the garden.

The benefit of filtering the sun also extends to privacy. Harvey furnishings are fortunate to be able to offer custom sunscreen roller blinds that have openness factors of 3 per cent, 5 per cent or 10 per cent. The higher the openness percentage, the better the visibility.

During the day you will you have some visibility to the outside, but people won't be able see inside. It can give people great peace of mind to know that they can close the blinds when at work during the day or at night to prevent anyone looking inside. If you live on a subdivision or have close neighbours, blinds will add to your privacy.

At night, with the lights on, people will be able to see a silhouette, however, sunscreen roller blinds work particularly well when layered with drapes to provide night-time insulation and light blockout or as dual roller blinds to cover all your window furnishing needs.

Sunscreen roller blinds are almost the perfect mix of functionality and design. If you would like to learn more about this product, feel free to reach out to the team at Harvey Furnishings today. 

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