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How to clean your Venetian blinds

How to clean your Venetian blinds

There is certainly something quite special about Venetian blinds. Whether you've opted for wooden, Aluminum or faux wood, the general style of Venetian blinds complements most historic homes and can add that level of sophistication you've been looking for.

The slats offer great privacy and security, while the horizontal slats can be tilted to let natural light float around your lounge or bedroom. However, while Venetian blinds are an innovation addition, you still need to do your bit to keep them in tip-top shape. You won't want your blind investment going to waste!

So, if you've recently purchased stylish new Venetian blinds, what should you be doing to look after them?

Dust regularly

How to clean your venetian blinds Dust your blinds regularly to avoid a build up of dust and dirt

Using a feather duster or dust cloth, lightly wipe each individual blind horizontally.

Apart from the odd spot or stain, the most common issue you'll find on your Venetian blinds is dust. A combination of earth or waste particles in the air, dust can build-up over time and become a hazard for those with allergies or other respiratory problems.

Of course, dust falls under the "light cleaning" option and is easily remedied. Using a feather duster or dust cloth, lightly wipe each individual blind horizontally - collecting all the dust at the end. Remember not to let it drop on the floor to avoid having to vacuum.

Speaking of vacuum cleaners, some people may use them to physically clean their blinds. However, the suction of the nozzle can damage the slats and overall look of the blinds. Better to be gentle with your blinds than cause unnecessary damage.

You don't want dust to build-up too much so make sure you do this process every few weeks - maybe even dust the whole room while you are at it!

Address stains and marks

During your regular dusting process, you might spot the odd stain or mark on the Venetian blinds. Perhaps, some rain has dripped onto the blinds during one of Auckland's many showers or a insect has crawled along them on their way outside. While these occurrences are not going to cause significant harm to the blinds, if you are looking to preserve them in peak condition, it pays to address these marks as soon as possible.

A simple feather duster won't make much difference here, so you may need a designated blind cleaning solution or a couple of splashes of water. It is important to remember that unless you have faux wood Venetian blinds, water isn't a good friend of wooden Venetian blinds, so gently wet a cloth before wiping the surface.

If you are unsure if the cleaning product is appropriate for your blinds, it is best to check with the Harvey Furnishings team who can point you in the right direction.

Apply polish and varnish

How to clean Venetian blinds Polishing your Venetian blinds soon after cleaning will give them an extra sparkle

Cleaning your Venetian blinds isn't just about dusting and wiping.

Cleaning your Venetian blinds isn't just about dusting and wiping - it's about looking after the blinds for the future. By maintaining the golden glow of wooden blinds, your lounge or bedroom can continue to sparkle with the blinds the focal point of the room. What's the best way to achieve this look?

Well, there are two options - polish or varnish. Polish is perfect for soon after cleaning when the slats are pristine and you want to enhance the overall appearance. Again, using a soft cloth, dab a small amount of polish onto the blind and spread evenly. Leave to dry before adjusting the blinds.

Varnish is another avenue - changing the look of the blinds if you are redecorating the room or looking for a fresh vibe. In both cases, make sure the product can be used on Venetian blinds.

If you would like more information about looking after Venetian blinds, feel free to get in touch with our expert team today.

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