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Prepping your home for fun in the summer sun

Prepping your home for fun in the summer sun

Who doesn't love the summer season? Sure, things might get a little hot, but days by the pool, on the beach and just the general ability to spend time outdoors without needing to wear a jacket or carry an umbrella at all times is refreshing.

As much as we all love the sun, however, we know its almighty and powerful UV rays can also be incredibly damaging, and not just to you, but your home and all the furniture inside as well. While you might use sunscreen to get a healthy glow while avoiding a burn, your home wants protection to keep its interior from getting lighter. Because the sun won't bring out the rich, vibrant colours of the fabric on your furniture like it does the pigment in your skin, instead, it's going to fade the material.

Fortunately, homes can get sunscreen just like you! Today we're going to explore the various forms of protection your home needs to stay safe from the sun.

First up: Sunscreen roller blinds

Think of curtains and blinds as the sunglasses of the house. Because don't be fooled, even when the sun enters through windows, it can fade your furniture. The glass windowpanes offer little to no protection! Sunscreen roller blinds in particular can filter light and protect furniture with different percentages of openness. The higher the openness, the more sun that is allowed in. For more privacy and protection opt for lower per cent openness. 

The higher the openness, the more sun that is allowed in.

Here at Harvey Furnishings, we offer Readymade Sunscreen Roller Blinds and also Sheerweave Custom Sunscreen Roller Blinds in 3 per cent, 5 per cent and 10 per cent fabric options. This fabric is ideal for protection against that summer heat - it is a fine weave, the small holes between the threads allow light into the room, and the various hole sizes have a variety of visibility factors. 

The beauty in using roller blinds is that they come in a variety of colours and size options, so you can easily match and layer them with a stylish pair of curtains as well.

Roller blinds offer protection against the sun to keep your fabrics safe from fading.Roller blinds offer protection against the sun to keep your fabrics safe from fading.

Next: Aluminium blinds and vertical blinds

Sun protection doesn't stop at roller blinds, however. Aluminium blinds are likely the more popular of the type of blinds available to homeowners. They're some of the more practical options you can choose, and they're highly effective at keeping the sun off your furniture so long as you remember to shut them!

Vertical blinds, on the other hand, offer a bit more uniqueness to your home decor, and are one of the best ways to cover large windows or ranch sliding doors. Now you don't have to leave the doors to your porch unprotected either. Additionally, when they're pulled aside, these blinds are hardly visible, so they don't clutter space, leaving you room to style with curtains as well. 

Of course, the sun is at its most damaging during the summer, but it can still cause fading even in the winter as well. As such, you need to be prepared with protection all year round. Visit Harvey Furnishings either online or at a store near you to find blinds that fit your windows and aesthetic needs!

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