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Can your curtains save you money during winter?

Can your curtains save you money during winter?

Is your energy bill beginning to go through the roof? It's pretty standard that this happens during winter, as we use more power to warm our homes when it's nippy outside. You can switch energy providers, or invest in double glazing to try and save money. But this serves little purpose if all the heat simply escapes through your windows due to poorly installed curtains!

A whopping 20-30 per cent of energy lost from New Zealand homes escapes through glass windows, according to Consumer NZ.

Think about what you're spending on heating this winter, and consider how much of that may be going to waste because your windows may not be performing properly. Taking some small, easy steps towards ensuring you've got the right curtains could help you save a lot on your energy bill, and keep your home warmer - let's find out more.

20-30 per cent of energy lost from New Zealand homes escapes through glass windows.

How should I install curtains properly to reduce energy loss?

Curtains prevent heat from easily escaping by creating a pocket of air between the drape and the window, but they'll only do this if they're properly installed.

Consumer NZ says that curtain installation is actually more important than the curtain fabric, in terms of their performance in preventing heat loss. This is because a single square metre of uncovered window can lose 4-5 times as much heat as one square metre of uninsulated wall, according to Eco Design Advisor.

Here's what to consider when installing new curtains (or deciding how to improve your existing ones). Your curtains, to be effective:

  • Need to touch the floor;
  • Should be hung 10cm or higher above the window from a pelmet;
  • Be slightly wider than the window frame; and
  • Fit snugly.

Properly installed curtains can reduce energy loss through your windows by up to 60 per cent if the windows are single glazed, and 40-50 per cent if they're double glazed, says EnergyWise research. That's a big difference - and some big savings!

Proper installation and the right fabric will ensure your curtains retain heat. Featured product Montgomery Nova Silver Fabric.

Which curtain fabrics best retain heat?

Proper installation is fundamental, but the type of fabric used is also important. So, which drapes are best for heat retention?

You can also enhance the heat retention of your existing curtains by attaching curtain linings to the back of the fabric, creating an additional layer of insulation.

So to answer the initial question; Can your curtains save you money during winter? The short answer is Yes! Without the right curtains, a lot of the money you're spending on heating your home is going to waste. Take a look at the range of winter curtains at your local Harvey Furnishings store to start saving on those winter energy bills!

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