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Ensuring curtain & blind safety for your kids room

Ensuring curtain & blind safety for your kids room

As a parent or parent-to-be, your number one focus will be the health and safety of your kids. In fact, it doesn't matter whether they are 18 months or 18 years, we always have their best interests in mind - even if they don't listen anymore!

However, the home environment can present many dangers to young children. Take curtains and blinds, for example. Although they look great in a room, there's a risk that kids can hurt themselves if they play around with them.

Ensure your kid's bedroom is safe from hazards.Ensure your kid's bedroom is safe from hazards.

As such, what are the measures that you can take to ensure that they are safe in your home? Let us explain.

The value of the child safety device

The biggest risk from blinds are the various pull cords, chains and bead cords that are part of their design. As well as keeping babies and toddlers away and out of reach of these cords, you could install a safety device that adds another level of protection. This allows cords to be tightly wound around a cleat and out of reach, alternatively you could opt for electronically operated blinds.

Available from Harvey Furnishings on our readymade and custom made range of roman and roller blinds, the child safety device can remove the cord loop entirely. By ensuring that young children can't interact with the cords, you can enjoy the style and design of your window treatment without worry.

Selecting the right curtain fabric type

There is no doubt that kids love to pull and tug on items around your home. While you can tell them off as many times as you like, it might be a good idea to invest in stronger fabric type for curtains in a kid's bedroom.

For example, sheers and voiles - while they look great in a baby's nursery, these fabrics are too lightweight and prone to damage especially when your youngest becomes mobile and wants to practice their climbing skills! In a kid's bedroom, you'll want a strong fabric that can take the odd pull and is also easy to clean should they get dirty.

Curtains needs to be strong and durable!Make your child's bedroom as safe as possible.

At Harvey Furnishings, we have a full range of practical curtain options which are tough, durable and also safe for use around young children. Your kids might also love to come in-store and select their favourite design or patten - don't worry we'll help you match it to the rest of your house!

If you would like more information about selecting safe and tough window treatments, check our range in-store or view our products online.

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