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How to: Voiles and window layering with our new European Collection

How to: Voiles and window layering with our new European Collection

Getting a new hair style. Leaving the house on a chilly morning that's projected to turn into a nice day. Styling your new living room. What do all of these have in common?

They're trends that involve stylish layering, of course. 

But we get it, the more you work with layers, the harder the styling becomes. This is a step up from basic! Today, we're going to talk a bit about how to layer with sheer curtains as we have a new collection that we think you're going to be crazy about.

New! Harvey Furnishing's European Collection

We're excited to announce that we've just launched a brand new fabric range called the European Collection! You'll notice that this collection largely focuses on sheer and is exclusive to New Zealand, but all the materials are imported straight from Europe.

The collection is inspired by great European cities rich in romance, style and history, offering a mix of classic and contemporary fabrics for everyday living and includes wide width and continuous fabrics for seamless curtains up to 3 metres high. The majority of sheers have a weighted hem that creates gentle folds for curtains that drape beautifully. Featuring 31 design ranges, there are over 500 colours for you to make a trendy selection from. Here are more specifics on the range:

  • Mix of classic and contemporary sheers
  • Modern nets
  • Loose woven sheers
  • Linen look drapery and sheers in easy care polyester that will not shrink
  • Variety of weave effects for character and originality
  • Subtle metallic drapery and sheers
  • Coloured satin lining
  • Plain drapery options with colour matched sheers
  • Endless options for mix and match window layering

But now that we've got the perfect fabric range to suit any room in your home, it's time for you to learn how to layer your fabrics in a nice, stylish manner.

The latest trend in layering

Sheer curtains are the ultimate decor for your home. You might not think they are entirely practical, after all, they are see-through and curtains are functionally meant to keep out the light, aren't they? Well, this is why you layer with a co-ordinating fabric! Traditionally, a sheer would be used underneath a thicker curtain, but the latest trends sees the sheer as the champion, with a fabric layer underneath which you can use to effectively control the amount of light entering the room. A double curtain track system allows you to create this look perfectly. 

The light material still allows light to come in, draping the room in a soft ethereal look.

These curtains look especially cool in rooms where you already have a lot of focus on the other elements of interior design. If you have a lot of patterns in other parts of the room, then you won't want big heavy curtains - sheer fabric is the perfect solution to this. And the light material still allows light to come in, draping the room in a soft ethereal look.  

Sheers also work effortlessly with blinds, as blinds are set into the window frame so you don't have to worry about the styles crowding one another. When you want to keep the light out, simply shut the blinds and you're good to go.

Mixing thick fabrics with sheers 

Of course, you can also go with the more traditional look of mixing sheer curtains with thicker fabrics. Set behind regular curtains the opaque fabric acts as an alternative layer for when you want in between lighting and still provides a bit of privacy. The thin fabric also does not make the windows look too bulky, so you can layer expertly.

Just check out this room featuring our Serville grey fabric paired with Valencia grey sheer fabric. You can instantly see how it brings the room together. The metallic coffee table acts as an amazingly dramatic focal point in the room. But if it was in harsh light, it might be a little much. This is where sheer fabrics come to the rescue. The curtains filter out the direct sunlight and leave the room with a softer glow.

The sheer curtains makes softens the light in the room, giving it the perfect balance of natural light. The sheer curtains softens the light in the room, giving it the perfect balance of natural light.

That said, these curtains are the perfect option for every room, but especially those that need require a touch of comfort. Sheer curtains in the boudoir give you ultimate mood lighting for a gentle wake up call, relaxing by moon and starlight or anything in between. It gives off an instant five-star resort vibe. And who wouldn't like to wake up like that?

You can choose different tints of sheer fabric as well. The benefit of this is that it adds a touch of dramatic flair to a room with bold patterns. However, if a room is somewhat patternless, you can opt for a sheer that features a unique design.

How excited are you to get to your hands on our new European Collection now that you know exactly how to design with it? Probably just as excited as we are, if not more! Here at Harvey Furnishings, we have everything to satisfy your need to create a perfect home for yourself - as well as all the things you didn't know you needed! Check out our customisable options and contact us today to get designing a unique home that fits your family's aesthetic. 

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