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Learn more about the Vallila Interior home decor collection

Learn more about the Vallila Interior home decor collection

Scandinavian design is all about three elements - simplicity, minimalism and functionality. Originating from Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Denmark, the trend is now found in homes around the world, including New Zealand.

Of course, what's important to remember is that those three elements don't replace style and look, they complement it. Whether it's the picturesque landscape, the unique fauna or just the general lifestyle of the Nordic region that inspire you, you can find designs to make your home feel that little bit more special.

One great Scandinavian brand we stock exclusively in New Zealand is Vallila Interior. Established in 1935, Vallila is one of the leading textile companies in Finland - well known for its designs inspired by the country's seaside landscape and urban city views. Keen to learn a little more about Vallila Interior? Read on to find out!

Who are Vallila Interior?

Based in Helsinki, Vallila Interior is a proud Finnish brand of contemporary printed fabrics and home accessories. Since the 1930's, the company has been at the forefront of bold and playful designs that showcase both Finland and life in Scandinavia. Forget dull fabrics and dated prints, Vallila Interior want people to fall in love with exciting, surprising and modern designs.

In many ways, New Zealand is very similar to Finland and other Scandinavian nations, which highlights the special value of Vallila Interior. So, if you're in the mood for something different from the norm of colours and patterns, we at Harvey Furnishings might have the brand for you!

Vallila Interior cushion covers

As we mentioned above, Scandinavian design is known for being simple and minimalist. However, that doesn't mean that Vallila Interior cushion covers are boring - they are anything but!

       Featured Cushion Covers: Laituri, Ohra, Pallas, Sintra

While they do have an amazing monochrome selection (if that's what you are after), we also stock a full range of bold and colourful Vallila Interior cushion covers, ranging from the bright floral patterns of the Esmeralda Cushion Cover and the Glamour Cushion Cover in green or grey, to the designs inspired by Helsinki architecture in the Bulevardi Cushion Cover, available in two colours.

Vallila Interior curtain panels

Add to a bedroom or lounge area for a splash of colour or to set the tone with dramatic designs. Printed cushions certainly add presence and can complement other home decor accessories such as flowers and furniture.

Curtains can be used as the focal point of a room - encompassing warmth, comfort and style. Throw in a touch of Scandinavian design with Vallila Interior fabrics and your home could look like something straight out of a Nordic dream. Bring nature inside with dramatic forest scenes, blossoming flowers and striking trees.


We have an extensive curtain range from Vallila Interior where you can let your design creativity soar. From the gorgeous green toned blooms of the Glamour Green Curtain Panel to the moody tones of the Hiutale Grey Curtain Panel, the designs are simple, yet engaging at the same time.


One of the great advantages of the Vallila Interior collection is that all the curtain panels extend to 2.4 metres in length - showcasing the design to the fullest. This said, the curtain can be amended with the provided iron-on hemming tape.

Vallila Interior wallpapers

Did you know wallpaper is still cool? As a viable alternative to paint, there are many different wallpaper options from the Vallila Interior collection. Unlike one-dimensional paint, wallpaper allows you to explore emotions, feelings and scenes. It can be an extension of your personality or style and add that bit of magic to your home design.

It doesn't matter if you want an eye-catching design such as Riikinkukko Peacock Wallpaper or a more mellow style such as Aleksanteri Grey White Wallpaper, we can find something to fit your personal style.

Vallila Interior Rugs

If you are looking for something to keep your toes warm on the chilly mornings this winter- look no further. We also stock Vallila Interior Rugs, which can add that finishing touch to your decor. Whether its colour you need, or something neutral to finish the room, their designs have you covered.

The Air Rug (Pictured above) is the perfect rug to add a bit of brightness to your living space, and a touch of soft coziness to your toes.

Check out the Vallila Interior range online now at Harvey Furnishings or in selected stores - we look forward to helping you find your inner Scandinavian!

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