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Why you need the Vista outdoor fabric range for summer

Why you need the Vista outdoor fabric range for summer

Summer is on its way, and what better way to prepare for those garden gatherings than updating your outdoor furnishings?! With its array of bold designs and weather- and UV-resistant material, Harvey Furnishings' Vista fabric range is perfect for the warmer months! Vista's gorgeous fabrics are suitable for upholstery and can be used both indoors and outdoors to create a perfect summery feel. Let's find out more about what makes the Vista range an ideal choice.

Colourful plains and stunning patterns 

One of the great things about the Vista fabric range is that no matter what aesthetic or theme you're going for this summer, it has all the eye-catching patterns and colours you need. Create your own urban Aqua Oasis, or bring the seaside tones back to the bach with fabrics such as Graf or Glen.

With spicy tones such as Terracotta trending going into 2020, Vista has your garden in on the trends! With an array of orange and red tones, there's something here for every palette.

Patterned pillows are never go out of style, and Vista's range of fabrics includes some stunning patterns you can have fun with. Whether you are after geometric prints such as Gauzy and Gumer, the gorgeous gingham print of Garnie, or the lovely floral; Ghazel - we have you covered.

Weather- and UV-resistant fabric

The Vista range is made from 100 percent acrylic Dralon fabric, which is much more durable than other acrylic fibres, rating between 20,000+ to 23,000+ on the Martindale test. This durability makes the Vista range of fabrics one of the best choices for outdoor use during New Zealand's summer months, as your outdoor furnishings will be resistant both to the elements and those damaging UV rays. So if you are lounging by the pool, or entertaining guests, you'll never have to worry about your custom creations not looking as fab as they once did!

Easy to clean and dry

The simplicity of cleaning and drying Dralon material is yet another reason it's one of the best fabrics for summer. The fabric is dirt-proof, which means you won't need to wash it as intensely, and making perfect for those with children. When you do give it a clean, simply use a soft brush to remove any dirt, or vacuum using an upholstery attachment. A sponge with some foam upholstery cleaner should work well to remove stains. Dralon is also fast-drying, so you won't have to wait long until your soft furnishings are good to go again!

And we can't forget about the curtains!

While you may not want a brightly patterned curtain to bulk up your indoor/outdoor flow, Vista still has you covered with their durable fabrics. Check out the Vralon Fabrics; a lightweight sheer fabric made from the same Dralon as all the other Vista fabrics. These are just as stunning as regular sheer fabrics, but with the durability of specialty outdoor fabrics. And we can custom make a range of curtain styles with them!

If you've been thinking about sprucing up your outdoor furniture, or replacing your tired curtains for summer, take a look at the Vista range online or in-store, or arrange a free in-home consultation.

If you are still struggling for ideas and want some inspiration, check out our Vista Look Book - Summer Style!

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