Winter is Coming: How can you prepare your home?

Winter is Coming: How can you prepare your home?

Winter, the most divisive of seasons, is well and truly on its way. It's almost time to light the fire, put on your thickest socks and get cosy on the sofa. While it's tempting to layer up and retrieve those extra blankets that haven't been touched all summer, there's actually a lot more you can do to keep your home warm this winter. We're not talking about home renovations - we're talking about simple, easy changes you can make that go a long way towards keeping you and your family warm and happy.

Winter is ComingRugs are nice underfoot, and help prevent heat from escaping your home. Colorado Blockout Pencil Pleat Curtains add an extra layer of insulation.

1. Rugs in key areas

Rugs have two wonderful benefits for winter. The first is that they help to moderate the temperature of your home. If you have concrete floors, they can get very cold. Wooden floors also tend to let heat seep out of the home. A rug helps to avoid this, providing a protective, warm layer between you and the cold. The second benefit is the feeling underfoot. Rather than tip toeing across an ice cold floor, rugs are soft and warm underfoot. Position your rug in front of your favourite chair, and you'll be all set for binge watching TV and sipping on hot chocolates.

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2. Cosy new bedding 

Some nights it seems like you can't have enough blankets, and while picking up some new bedding at the start of winter is fairly common, make sure you look for something that'll do the job. A nice, quilted bedspread or coverlet to go on top of your duvet will make all the difference when you climb under the covers, or maybe a plush comforter is more your style? Either way, you'll find yourself in trouble when morning comes; you will need to drag yourself out from beneath them! (Don't worry, we wont tell if you call in sick!)

    Add a plush Comforter set to your bed...So cosy, you'll never want to leave! Featured product Sussex Comforter Set in Silver.

3. Thermal curtains

Thermal curtains are the ultimate winter life-hack. You could spend a lot of money on double-glazed windows, or you could invest in a nice set of blockout curtains to trap the heat in and keep the cold out. Available in a range of colours and patterns to seamlessly blend in with your existing decor, thermal curtains present a cost-effective way to turn your cosiness up to 11.

Warning: Installing blockout thermal curtains may keep you so snug that you won't leave the house again until summer. Featured product Portofino Pencil Pleat Curtains.

4. Draught stoppers

A draught stopper will be your best friend this winter, particularly if you live in an older home. Those small openings below your doors are notorious for letting the heat out and when it comes to New Zealand winters, this is not a forgivable offense. Draught stoppers are inexpensive, and if you're losing heat, they can actually save you money long term. It's worth investing in one today, though be mindful, the kids will play with it (maybe get an extra one for them?).

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