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How to create that perfect indoor-outdoor flow this summer

How to create that perfect indoor-outdoor flow this summer

There's something to be said about the Kiwi backyard. While we may not have the quarter acre like our parents did, a bit of grass for the kids and a nice deck can provide the perfect backdrop for some summer fun.

Of course, as we get closer to the end of the year (and Christmas!), we'll all be dusting off our old BBQ, throwing some drinks in the fridge and enjoying the late sunset with friends and family on the deck. However, have you thought much about your home's indoor-outdoor flow? If not, read on below.

What is indoor-outdoor flow?

BBQs are the focal point of the New Zealand summer.BBQs are the focal point of the New Zealand summer.

Essentially, indoor-outdoor flow is a concept in which you can improve the transition between two different environments of your home - inside and outside. In fact, by using the right techniques and trends, it can create more space for your guests and family as you move between home and garden. With the beautiful sunshine starting to peek beyond the clouds, take the opportunity to connect your backyard and living room areas with smart designs that make your home inviting and breezy this summer.

Kitchen shutters

Hosting a summer BBQ is certainly fun. The chirping cicadas in the back garden, the sizzle of sausages on the grill and the banter of the backyard cricket going down a treat with our guests. However, if you are stuck in the kitchen preparing food, it can isolate you from all the enjoyment.

This is where kitchen shutters can help, allowing fantastic indoor-outdoor flow and enabling anyone inside to still be part of the fun. Kitchen shutters allow abundant natural light and airflow, but also the ability to filter sunlight off reflective surfaces before the sun completely sets.

Outdoor accessories 

After a long winter, it is possible that your outdoor furniture looks a little worse for wear. You have properly stored them away out of the rain, and quick wash might be all that is needed before the guests come around. But if you, like many others, need all new cushions and chair pads due to wear and tear, check out the Vista range- a stunning selection of durable indoor/outdoor fabrics, specially designed for use outdoors. We can custom make any cushions, chair pads and squabs to suit any size.

Alternatively, if you have just redesigned your living room or kitchen, use your new design as a base for your new outdoor accessories, making your garden as colourful and bright as possible. As your guests transition from indoor to outdoor, they encounter the same theme - extending your potential living area!

For more information about livening up your indoor-outdoor flow, reach out to the the team at Harvey Furnishings today.

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