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How to incorporate the Pure Spiritual trend into your home this spring

How to incorporate the Pure Spiritual trend into your home this spring

You'll have no doubt seen nature inspired decor with fresh tones, linens and dried florals everywhere! You can almost guarantee that the idea of Pure Spiritual is hidden in there somewhere.

The idea of 'Pure Spiritual' comes from the Heimtextil Trends for 2020/21, which they describe as:

"Idealists seek perfection and purity, restoring equilibrium by connecting with the uber-natural. They embrace technology for good while shifting between realism and mysticism in pursuit of a personal haven. To address a renewed bond with nature, organic matter, raw materials and pure textiles are selected which show nature’s traces, organic structures and irregularities. Shades are created from the earth and cultured by man. An elemental and pure range reflects the source of their existence."

In simpler terms; it's a bit like bringing the outdoors in, and celebrating the beauty and materials nature provides for us. Those who embrace the idea of the pure spiritual still have an appreciation for the future and technology; and combine this with traces of nature to create their own personal haven.

Keep on reading to find our top tips on incorporating this trend in your home for the new season.

Bring the essence of pure spiritual into your home this spring with the Indira range of linen cushions, or our range of linen sheer curtains - we love pairing the natural tones of the Raglan linen sheer with a dusky sage green, such as a wall painted in Resene Peace (pictured above).


Colour will instantly evoke an association with something - Greens tend to connect with nature and the outdoors, and soft, dusky tones feel serene and calming.

Soft greens are the perfect way to introduce colour and the idea of nature, without becoming overpowering. Red clay/brick reds and dusky greens pair well together, with the warm tones of the reds warming up the palette and still holding the connection to the clay of the earth. 

Spice tones such as Brick, Terracotta/Rose and Naturals also lend themselves to the Pure Spiritual trend - and offer a raw earthy warmth.


Colour doesn't only need to be brought in through the paint on the walls - accessories can go a long way in providing some fresh colour in your home. By swapping out some of your couch cushions, the throw on the end of the bed and even your curtains for a lighter, natural fabric such as linen; your home will suddenly feel lighter and ready for spring. We recommend the Indira Filled Cushion range - made with 100% linen, in a wide range of colours.

Finishing Touches

Now that you've added some colour, and swapped your accessories for something a bit lighter and more natural, the only thing left to do is add the final touches! Adding some plants (whether that is real for the green-fingered amongst us, or fake for those not so) will instantly finish off a space.

Dried florals lend themselves to this trend, and are super easy to make yourself - by simply hanging some flowers or greenery upside down in a cool dark place (like a cupboard) a few weeks, you'll get your very own bunch!

Don't forget about the wall space - hang some art; pin a few baskets to create a basket wall, just like the ones all over Pinterest right now. Get creative and have fun with it!

Whether you are a trend setter or a trend follower, your home will be feeling light, fresh and pure spiritual this spring by changing up just a few small few things.

Here at Harvey Furnishings, we have all your home decor and accessory needs, and are always willing to help keep your home on top of the trends. Shop online or find your local store here.

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