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How to install a CoverQuick headboard in your bedroom

How to install a CoverQuick headboard in your bedroom

Is your bedroom looking a little drab? Are you sick of having to lean against several pillows when reading a book before bed?

A CoverQuick headboard is a great way to add both vibrancy and comfort to your bedroom, plus you'll also be able to quickly change the look of your room by simply swapping out the fabric to a different design. In this article, we look at how to use one and the tools you'll need to set it up. Hint: it's really, really easy!

What is a headboard used for?

A headboard is a wooden panel that is placed behind the head of your bed. When it's upholstered with beautiful fabric to match the design of your room and bedding, it can be a gorgeous addition that will also make sitting up in bed that bit more pleasant. 

A CoverQuick headboard is a beautiful addition to any bedroom. Create a statement by stacking two headboards on top of one another!

How to install a CoverQuick headboard in your bedroom

Firstly, you'll need to get hold of a headboard suitable for your bed. There are a variety of sizes available, depending on whether you have a single, double, queen or king-sized bed.

Secondly, you'll need to find the right fabric to cover the headboard. Harvey Furnishings has a wide selection of beautiful fabrics you can use to cover your headboard with. Simply browse the range to find one that matches your colour scheme and design. Use our helpful video below to learn how to clip fabric onto your headboard:

Once you've chosen your headboard and the right fabric, you'll need to mount the headboard onto the bed and wall using a wall mounting kit or a bed mounting kit. Don't worry - this isn't as complicated as it sounds!

  • Mounting the headboard to your bed: Harvey Furnishings' CoverQuick Bed Mounting Kit attaches your CoverQuick Headboard to your bed base using the standard headboard bolts supplied with your bed. Foam bumpers allow the headboard to rest against the wall to prevent it from wobbling. Just make sure you have a Phillips head screwdriver handy to attach the legs to your bedhead. The bed mounting kit comes in one size.
  • Mounting the headboard to your wall: The CoverQuick Wall Mounting Kit allows your CoverQuick Headboard to be mounted flush to the wall so nothing can fall behind it. Select the mounting kit size that matches the size of your headboard, then, simply use the built-in level to drill and screw it to the wall. 

You can set up your very own Harvey Furnishings' CoverQuick headboard within minutes! Shop online now

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