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Meet the team: Bradley Stobart

Meet the team: Bradley Stobart


No day is ever the same when you work at Harvey Furnishings - just ask Bradley Stobart. This Senior Consultant finds joy in meeting people from all walks of life and travelling around the North Island to sell and install our shutters.

We had a chat to him about his life in Zimbabwe, what a typical day looks like for him and why he can't see himself working anywhere else!

Bradley has always been involved in the furnishings and window coverings industry.

From Zimbabwe to New Zealand

Bradley has always been involved in the furnishings and window coverings industry, even before he came to New Zealand. Back in his home country of Zimbabwe, he managed a vertical blinds shop. While he was at school, he'd help out his aunt who owned a curtain store. After school, he worked at a number of different places, including a timber wholesaler and a machine shop, but inevitably he went back to his aunt's store - furnishings were his calling.

After getting his Kiwi residency, Bradley applied for a job with Harvey Furnishings. We gave him an interview, and two weeks later, he was working for us as an installer! In terms of adjusting to his new life in the Land of the Long White Cloud, Bradley says it was a fairly smooth transition. "I suppose NZ's a much more stable country," he says. "Adapting wasn't too difficult. In general, it's mainly the weather that's different!"

Bradley started out with Harvey Furnishings as a curtains and blinds installer, and has since moved on to shutters.

A varied role with travel perks

Bradley started off working as a curtains and blinds installer down in Hamilton, travelling to different houses to measure and install our range of window coverings.

"Every day was something new - that was the fun part about the job. You got to meet different people every single day. I also got to know Hamilton very well - within a month I knew pretty much all of Hamilton and the Waikato!"

You get to meet different people every single day.

After five years as an installer, Bradley moved into a sales consultant role where he could still travel but instead utilised his sales skills. In 2015, he moved up to Auckland to take on his current role selling and installing shutters.

A typical day for Bradley is quite varied. "In the morning I try and get some paperwork done. So I normally start off at home - quite early - to get some quotes, order the shutters and do the billing. And then I head out either to the office or to my first appointment. I usually try to get my consultations all on the one day, and also get my installations booked on one day of the week. So it's a mix of installing and quoting."

The advantage Bradley brings to the role is that he both measures and installs the shutters so he knows exactly how they should fit. He makes one trip to a home to measure for the custom-made shutters, and two months later he'll return to install them.

Shutters Van Consultation
Bradley's job as a Senior Consultant sees him travelling all over the North Island installing and selling shutters.

Ten years and counting

In October 2018, Bradley celebrated 10 years with Harvey Furnishings, and he doesn't see himself moving on any time soon! "I enjoy the team here", he says. "The ladies from Hamilton were wonderful and in Auckland there's the same sort of vibe. I don't see myself going anywhere now. I'm constantly working on new projects and constantly travelling to different places - to Hamilton, Tauranga, Whangarei."

While there's always a lot to do and often too little time in the day, Bradley's job keeps him active and motivated - and he's certainly a real asset to the Harvey Furnishings team!

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