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How do I measure for Roller Blinds?



Getting the right size is hugely important to the overall look and performance of your roller blinds.

All Harvey Furnishings' ready made roller blinds (both in store and online) have their measurements listed in Width x Drop.

For custom made roller blinds, bring your measurements in store or arrange a free in home consultation to have our consultants measure up your windows for you.

When measuring:

  • Sketch each of your windows and write each measurement on the sketch as you go
  • Measure in millimeters with a reliable metal tape measure
  • Follow the builders' rule of thumb - measure twice!

For an Inside Mount


Measure the exact opening width across the inside of the window frame in millimetres at the top, middle and bottom of the window as pictured in positions A, B and C.


Then measure the exact drop (or height) of the opening from the inside top of the window frame to the top of the sill in millimetres as pictured as measurement D.

measuring curtain width

For an Outside Mount


Measure the required width of the blind in millimetres (usually from the outside edge of the frame or architrave or wider if desired). If the window has no architrave or frame, add at least 40mm on each side of the opening.


Measure the required drop (or length) from the top of the architrave or frame. At the top, a minimum of 50mm of frame/architrave is required for the fixing of the control brackets. If there is less than a 50mm frame, measure from a point 40mm above the window. Where there is a protruding sill, measure to the top of the sill (if there is no protruding sill you may choose a point lower than the sill).

measuring curtain width

Attachment: HarveyFurnishingsBlindMeasurementChart.pdf