Custom Made Curtains

Custom Made Curtains

We've been making curtains for New Zealand homes for almost 60 years and, with the help of our expert store staff or in home consultants, you too can have the perfect bespoke curtains in your home.

Three steps to the perfect curtains


Get the right size

The easiest way to get the perfect size is to have one of our experienced in home consultants come and laser measure your windows for you. This is a free service and will allow us to take on any risk of mistakes for you, as well as advise on factors like the thermal benefits or light blocking abilities of particular curtain sizes. Book a free in-home consultation now

If you wish to measure your windows yourself, follow our instructions on measuring windows for curtains and bring the measurements in store.


Choose your fabric

With literally tens of thousands of fabrics to choose from, the fabric choices with us can be daunting, but you can break it down to manageable ranges. Some things to consider when selecting fabric include:

  • The fabric type: You can choose from thermal, blockout, dim out, uncoated or sheer fabric and you can choose from a range of curtain lining options too. Each has a different level of light control and thermal insulation so it's worthwhile spending time considering what you want to achieve from your curtains.
  • Composition: Consider whether you would like curtains made from a polyester or other man-made fiber, a cotton, linen or a blend. Man-made fibers have the advantage of being more resistant to colour fade and mould, while cotton and linen fabrics have a beautiful drape.
  • Colour: Think about whether you want your curtains to blend in with your decor or stand out as a feature. If you want them to blend in you could match the fabric to your wall colour or use a neutral beige or grey tone. If you're looking for something bold you could look for a fashion colour or a contrasting colour to the rest of your decor.
  • Pattern: Do you want plain curtains, a subtle pattern or something big and bold? A good point to remember when looking at patterned fabrics is that the pattern will always look less obvious on a long length of fabric like a curtain. If you're unsure, err on the side of a bigger pattern.

You can browse our core fabric ranges online to get ideas and make a short list before coming in store. We do recommend you order a swatch or see the fabric in store before buying.


Choose your curtain heading

One of the things you'll be asked when ordering your custom made curtains is which heading type you would like. This refers to the line of fabric at the top of the curtain that connects to your curtain rail or track. See our curtain headings article for full descriptions and pictures of the different heading options.

Once you've got your measurements, selected your fabric and chosen your curtain heading, you are ready to order your curtains. You can do this in store or through our home consultation service