Custom-Made Shutters

Transform your home with stylish, practical and timeless shutters. Made from sustainable timber, Harvey’s shutters are durable, easy to maintain and help keep your home cool in summer and offer great insulation during the winter months. One of our shutter specialists can come to your home for a FREE consultation, measure & quote.


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Benefits of Shutters

Stylish Finish

The straight lines from the window frame combined with the matching trim allow shutters to add an air of sophistication and class to a room, giving off that stylish finish that many people seek.

Customised Opening

Shutters can be designed to separate your windows in two - allowing for customised opening and closing. This gives you complete control over the privacy of your home, allowing you to shut out unwanted attention at any time of the day or night.

Increased Insulation

Shutters work by trapping a layer of air between the window and the room. This air pocket keeps the outside air out and the inside air in - keeping your living areas nice and warm in winter and cool in summer.

Built to Last

Shutters are designed to last for many years in the right conditions. Homeowners who are looking for a durable and easy-to-clean option need to look no further than shutters.


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Three steps to perfect shutters

Get the right size

Shutters need to be made to millimeter perfection, including allowing for windows that are not perfectly square. To ensure this is done to the necessary accuracy, shutters are available exclusively through our in home consultation service. A specialist consultant will come to your home and take laser measurements of your windows.

Choose your options

Your consultant will take you through all the various options, showing samples, to help you select the perfect bespoke window furnishings for your home.

You will be able to choose:

The style of shutters you want, whether it be a wide louvred Plantation Shutter style, a narrower traditional look, a split opening cafe style or something entirely different.

Whether the shutter will be mounted inside or outside the window frame.

The type and colour of hinges and catches you want.

The type of tilt mechanism you want used.

The type of material you want your shutters made from. You will have the option of a range of quality natural timbers or a selection of synthetic materials.

The finish you want on your shutters. Painted finishes are available on all timber and synthetic shutters in a wide range of colours. Stained finishes are available on timber shutters only.

Arrange installation

Delivery and expert installation of your shutters will be arranged for 8-10 weeks after your order has been confirmed. Our installers will ensure a beautiful finished look for your shutters.

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