In many ways our homes are direct reflections of ourselves.

Nowhere is this statement truer than in our bedrooms, and few household furnishings are more personal than bed pillows.

But did you know that the way you arrange these pillows could speak volumes about your personality? Let's find out what your pillows say about you.

The organised traditionalist

Symmetrical pillows indicate organised personalities.Symmetrical pillow arrangements indicate organisation and a love of classic styles.

If your pillows are arranged symmetrically, chances are the rest of your life is similarly ordered.

This style emphasises clean lines that provide balance, and an acute eye for detail meaning that nothing is out of place. If this is you, consider pairing your stylish arrangement with other elegant room features such as Venetian blinds, and light neutral colour tones.

The laid-back experimenter

Asymmetry shows someone unafraid of embracing something a bit different.Asymmetrical pillows are indicative of an easygoing person, unafraid to try something a bit different.

At the opposite end of the spectrum are the relaxed and spontaneous types who prefer asymmetry. This pillow personality isn't concerned with order, but rather prefers to see where their own imagination and creativity takes them - it's likely that arrangements and the pillows themselves will change frequently in the quest for something exciting and new.

Choosing colour clash pillows can be a great way to add even more energy to these compositions, and rugs or throws can put another element into the mix. We suggest trying our range of super soft velvet or pintuck velvet cushion covers as a starting point to add some colour clash to your bed. 

The tidy modernist

Stacking pillows is in line with modernist styles.Vertically stacking your pillows shows a desire for clarity and tidiness.

This bold arrangement shows a no-nonsense approach, with an emphasis on space-saving and order. It has been linked to intellectualism and practicality, and forms part of a minimalist approach to interior design.

Consider limiting your room furnishings to smaller, subtle items that will help retain this spacious feel at a holistic level in your room.

The classicist with a twist

Accent pillows are bold statements.Symmetrical pillows with a single, accenting front runner is a new take on an established look.

A single pillow in front of a symmetrical design is known as an accent. A pillow placement like this means that you aren't afraid to put your own stamp on a well-known configuration, and that you don't simply follow the crowd when it comes to fashion.

To further personalise your room, try partnering blinds with sheer curtains, a combination as practical as it is romantic.

Shop a wide range of bedspreads, duvets and pillow cases online or get in touch with the team at Harvey Furnishings to discuss custom made bedding options.

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