There is no doubt that we take great pride in our homes in New Zealand. Whether we live in the far north or deep south, interior and exterior design are two concepts that drive us to continually explore DIY projects on the weekend and try to impress the neighbours. There's certainly a reason why home renovation programmes are so popular across the nation!

Of course, we don't always want to follow the herd like a sheep. Interior design is about pushing the boundaries, getting creative and wowing your dinner guests. While curtains and blinds will always be popular, there is something to be said about taking the luxurious or elegant route - have you heard about shutters?

Essentially, shutters are a flexible type of window furniture that look similar to blinds. The key difference is that the slats are built into a window frame which can be opened and closed in the same way as the slats themselves. We think that shutters are undervalued in New Zealand homes, so what are the practical advantages of choosing shutters?

1) Built to last

At Harvey Furnishings, we offer a three year warranty for all our shutters.

In comparison to curtains and blinds that can age over time, shutters are designed to last for many years in the right conditions. Homeowners who are looking for a durable and easy-to-clean option need to look no further than shutters.

At Harvey Furnishings, we offer a three-year warranty for all our shutters including hinged, Bi-fold and sliding panel.

2) Stylish finish

There is certainly a number of reasons why shutters are so popular in warmer climates such as Bali and Florida - with the main reason being style. Shutters add another dimension to the shape of your room, while also becoming a focal point for guests.

The straight lines from the window frame combined with the matching trim allow shutters to add an air of sophistication and class to a room, giving off that stylish finish that many people seek.

It is important to note the way that shutters can be perceived in the property market. Even from the kerb, real estate agents can point out the beauty, elegance and privacy of shutters to potential buyers. As many New Zealand homes don't feature them, it could be the one thing that makes your house stand out - potentially increasing the value of your home!

3) Customised opening

Shutters can be designed to separate your windows in two - allowing you to have one open and one closed.

Blinds and shutters share similar characteristics, but when it comes to versatility, shutters take the cake. In a situation where you wanted light, but the sun was poking through one half of the window, blinds wouldn't be able to help at all. This is where shutters offer a unique advantage.

Shutters can separate your windows in two - allowing you to have one open and one closed, depending on the sun's position and the amount of desired light. Of course, as the sun passes across the sky during the day, you can adjust your shutters to suit. This also means your can let air circulate around the room without worrying about intense heat from the sun.

4) Insulating

As winter is upon us, blinds and curtains are being shut earlier to insulate our homes and keep in the heat as the night cools down. But did you know shutters are excellent at keeping in the heat (or keeping it out in summer.) Because shutters are custom fitted to each window, when closed they form a seal which creates a air pocket that traps in the heat - keeping your home nice and toasty inside during winter and cool during summer.

5) Easy to clean

Possibly the last thing that will seal the deal on being convinced you need shutters - cleaning them. As there are no drawstrings, ties or complex mechanisms, shutters are much easier to clean than both curtains and blinds. When needed, just run a cloth across the shutters to make them sparkle in the sunlight; no need to dismantle anything and spend hours drying them. Thanks to their composition, shutters are also less likely to attract dust and other allergens into your home - improving the health of you and your family.

If you would like to learn more about the value of shutters in your home, feel free to get in touch with the helpful team at Harvey Furnishings today.

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